GLMRIS: Great Lakes and Mississippi River Interbasin Study

Focus Area 2 Other Aquatic Pathways

Reports are listed below for each of the potential aquatic pathways between the Great Lakes and Mississippi River basins outside of the Chicago Area Waterway System. Each report evaluates key evidence to estimate the probability of an aquatic pathway forming at the basin divide, and then of specific aquatic nuisance species (ANS) using that pathway to reach the adjacent basin.

Focus Area 2 Other Aquatic Pathways
Focus Area 2 Other Aquatic Pathways [Source: USACE]

Draft versions of these reports were released between September 2012 and March 2013 to the public for comment and inter-agency technical reviews. The updated reports below incorporate feedback received during this time.

Many of these pathway assessments include potential actions or opportunities that might prevent or reduce the probability of ANS transfer occurring between the basins. USACE continues to work with its partners on some locations to assist them in further reducing the probability of ANS transfer occurring.

All States
Summary Report
A summary of the individual reports below.
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Indiana Indiana Eagle Marsh Download 2.4 MB
Indiana Eagle Marsh Controls
Loomis Lake Download 1.6 MB
Parker-Cobb Ditch Download 1.1 MB
Minnesota Libby Branch of Swan River Download 1.2 MB
Swan River Download 867 KB
New York New York East Mud Lake Download 1.9 MB
Ohio Grand Lake St. Mary's Download 951 KB
Little Killbuck Creek Download 2.2 MB
Ohio Mosquito Creek Lake Download 1.3 MB
Ohio-Erie Canal at Long Lake Download 1.5 MB
Wisconsin Hatley-Plover River Download 677 KB
Jerome Creek Download 997 KB
Menomonee Falls Download 2.3 MB
Portage Downstream and Canal Download 1.6 MB
Portage Upstream Download 1.4 MB
Rosendale-Brandon Download 1.7 MB
South Aniwa Wetlands Download 2.9 MB
Wisconsin Brule Headwaters Download 1.3 MB

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