GLMRIS: Great Lakes and Mississippi River Interbasin Study
April 18, 2012

GLMRIS Technology Team releases final ANS Control Paper based on public input

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) released today the revised Inventory of Available Controls for Aquatic Nuisance Species of Concern – Chicago Area Waterway System (ANS Control Paper), an Interim Product of the Great Lakes and Mississippi River Interbasin Study (GLMRIS).

The paper was originally released in December 2011. During the 60-day public comment period, USACE received input that was incorporated into the document. It is now being released as a final product.

In response to public comment on the available options or technologies that may be effective at preventing the transfer of ANS through aquatic pathways in the Chicago Area Waterway System, new information has been added to the ANS Control Paper. In the category of "Lethal Temperature", three new control methods are outlined, including: 1) freezing, 2) carbon dioxide pellet blasting and 3) desiccation (drying). The team has also expanded the discussion of predatory fish in the "Biological Controls" category to include fish that eat mollusks, and added a new sub-section to the "Benthic Barriers" category regarding the use of silt as a type of sediment surface barrier.

USACE received 195 comments during the public review period. The majority of comments (120) were related to hydrologic separation, which is included as a control for further evaluation in GLMRIS. Other comments mentioned variations of control categories previously identified, including controlled harvest -and overfishing, sensory deterrents (such as water guns and acoustic, bubble or electric barriers), biological controls (native predators), vertical drop barrier, ultraviolet light and the alteration of water quality. View the comments on the paper.

Using the information contained in the paper, USACE will develop screening criteria consistent with study objectives and refine the list of ANS Controls to determine which warrant further consideration. USACE will formulate plans comprised of one or more of the screened ANS Controls in consideration of the criteria established by the Principles & Guidelines for Water and Land Related Resources Implementation Studies: completeness, effectiveness, efficiency, and acceptability. USACE will then evaluate and compare the effects of the alternative plans.

The revised paper and ANS Control Fact Sheets have been posted on the ANS Controls Page.

Thank you for your continued interest in GLMRIS.

If you have any questions about this document, please contact GLMRIS Project Manager Dave Wethington at 312-846-5522 or [email protected].